La Cultura Cura


Gathering of the Wisdom Keepers, Oakland CA 2015

A historical Gathering of Wisdom Keepers. Elders and community leaders from across the nation gathered in Oakland, CA, on February 26 & 27, 2015 to initiate what was a collective voice of wisdom keepers and wisdom teachers. They will continue to lift up the sacredness of our youth and demand that they be afforded every opportunity to fulfill their sacred purpose in life. An effort led by The National Compadres Network in collaboration with The Brotherhood of Elders and CURYJ.

A Gathering of Leaders 2013

Juan Gomez speaks on a vision for Boys & Men of Color to live active, happy and healthy lives.

Boys of Color Symposium II – Perilous Times

Words from Jerry Tello – Children are a Blessing & Children are worthwhile.

Cargas Y Regalos: The Challenges and Culturally Based Strengths of Raza Chicano and Latino Focus

Webinar on Transformational Healing. Presenters: Dr. Yvette Flores, Dr. Ricardo Carillo, Cuco Rodriguez

Círculo de Hombres

Established in 1988, the National Compadres Network emerged from men gathering every year for 3 days at Mission San Antonio de Padua in Jolon, CA. Following the cultural traditions of friendship and kinship, men gather to pray, share, cleanse and clarify roles and responsibilities. This has proved to be a way to heal and re-balance. 2011

Círculo de Hombres

Círculo de Hombres Reflections from Jerry Tello. 2013

Investing in Values

The path of growing, guiding and leading others. Jerry Tello,  Mario Ozuna-Sánchez

La Cultura Cura Transformational Health and Healing Chicano and Latino Focus

Webinar on Transformational Healing. Presenters: Jerry Tello, Dr. Heriberto Hescamilla, Dr. Lucila Ramos Sanchez

Latino Community Foundation

Words from Jerry Tello on Community Grounded Solutions

My Brother’s Keeper: Embracing Latino Males

A webinar that emphasizes the need to include culturally based assets and social /systemic challenges of Latino youth as core fundamental elements in the design of my Brother’s Keeper efforts. May 15, 2014

National Compadres Network Overview 

Overview of National Compadres Network produced by Izcalli. Narrated by Macedonio Arteaga

Standing Up Against Violence Against Women

National Compadres Network efforts focuses on the healing of boys and men as a means to stop violence against women and girls.

Strengthening the Bonds between Fathers and Their Children

Héctor Sánchez-Flores, the Director of Policy & Initiatives for the National Latino Fatherhood & Family Institute and Bruce Collins, the chair of the Fatherhood Collaborative of San Mateo County, answer key questions on fatherhood. September, 2010

Welcome and Opening Ceremony CiMH Building the Evidence Summit

Jerry Tello, Welcome and Opening Ceremony –

CiMH “Building the Evidence Summit for Community Defined Practices. May 30, 2014.

What Works in Our Communities – CiMH “Building the Evidence Summit”

Community defined practices and programs that work in our communities. Jerry Tello, Osvaldo “Ozzie” Cruz, Bobby Verdugo, Jesse Herrera

Cultural Ways Of Healing – Healing For Justice

Jerry Tello, a life-long social justice change maker and Director of the National Compadres Network, addresses the power of culture, ritual healing and community that has supported his efforts to work for justice in systems that are tremendously unjust.