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National Comadres Network

In 2013, NCN and a group of committed Chicana/Latina leaders and allies committed to a more intentional work for women and girls by developing a framework for a network that embraces healing, leadership and connectedness across generations. Thirteen women created this network committed to facilitating the healing and well-being of women and girls by providing healing circulos and retreats for women and girls.

The vision of the National Comadres Network is to:

  • Restore individuals and communities with trust, love, dignity and respect;
  • To transform systems and institutions in order to achieve equitable opportunities and outcomes for girls and women of color;

The mission the National Comadres Network is to nurture healing informed leadership among mujeres though culturally-rooted practices and networks of mutual support.

The National Comadres Network, like the National Compadres Network, also hosts an annual retreat and supports the development of regional Circulos (kinship circles) for younger and older women. The purpose of the Circulo is to reconnect communities, one person, one family, one town, at a time. In doing so, women are reconnected to a community’s history, values, and traditions that re-awaken the ancient role of Community Elders who serve as Wisdom Keepers while also listening to the voice of our youth as the next generations of leaders. This tradition supports the creation of circles for connecting, sharing, storytelling and healing.

Simultaneously, the work that the National Comadres Network seek to accomplish includes reform in the system that seeks to oppress and ignore the plight of mujeres in the U.S.


National Comadres Network Roster

Rosa Gonzalez
Director of Capacity Building, ACTION Council of Monterey County

Patricia Cardenas
Supervising Advocate, Division of Victim Services
Riverside District Attorney’s Office

Sara Haskie-Mendoza
Manager of Women and Girls’ Programs
National Compadres Network

Debra Camarillo
MA CATC 1, Executive Director, The Latino Commission

Margarita Luna
Program Manager, Coachella
The California Endowment

Lauren Padilla-Valverde
Program Manager, Salinas, The California Endowment

Sandra R. Flores
Program Director, CSU Fresno Foundation
Fresno County Preterm Birth Initiative

Susie Armijo,
Program Site Coordinator
National Compadres Network
Southern California Office

Citlali Arvizu
Care Coordinator, United American Indian Involvement
Seven Generations Program

Lucila Ramos-Sanchez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Counseling Psychology
Santa Clara University

Marcia Rincon-Gallardo
Founder and Executive Director, Noxtin

Laura Tinajero
Healing Informed Practices Coordinator
East Salinas Building Healthy Communities

Alicia Chavez-Arteaga
Founding Member, Director of Operations
Izcalli Incorporated