La Cultura Cura

Ricardo Carrillo

Dr. Ricardo Carrillo has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Carrillo has developed culturally competent programs for women and their children with dual disorders, substance abuse, mental and physical disabilities, and mental illness. He provides training, technical assistance, clinical supervision and employee assistance consultation. His teaching and research include Consultation and Organizational Development, DV, Expert Witness Testimony, Forensic Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology and Research, Clinical Practicum, Psychology of Addictions: Treatment & Recovery, Community Psychology, History and Systems, Ethics, Group Process, Multicultural Competence and Practicum Supervision. He is co-author of Family Violence and Men of Color: Healing the Wounded Male Spirit and co-editor with Concha Saucedo Martinez, Cultura y Bienestar: Curando con Raices:Practice Based Evidence: MesoAmerican Based Healing Traditional Medicine and Mental Health.