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Xinachtli – Female Rites of Passage Program

For over ten years, the NCN has supported the Xinachtli Rites of Passage Curriculum, a curriculum developed and promoted throughout the nation by Sara Haskie-Mendoza, Xinachtli is a comprehensive and culturally-competent bicultural youth character development process designed to provide teen girls the guidance for a healthy development into adulthood. Based on indigenous principles of the individual’s interconnectedness to the family, the community, and nation, this curriculum provides a dialectic process of Refleccion (reflection), Concientizacion (critical consciousness), Creacion (creation), and Accion (action) while supporting and building on the strengths of the individual. The curriculum incorporates an educational and organizing process to develop leadership capacity and personal community responsibility in participants that will allow them to serve as peer mentors, guides or advocates for other girls.

The National Compadres Network provides Xinachtli trainings, technical assistance, collective impact building, research, leadership development and resource development.  Over 300 facilitators have been trained on over 20 cities across the country. Thousands of female participants have been involved in Xinachtli;s rites of passges teachings making it is safe to say that Xinachtli groups are being conducted in a significant portion of the country.

The Xinachtli’s curriculum addresses:

  • Cultural identity development, women’s and girls’ human rights life skills development and healthy rites of passage
  • Acknowledgement of the sacred self, reproduction health and justice
  • Healthy family relationships
  • Dating violence, communication and maintaining self-respect
  • Substance abuse prevention and substance development
  • Community violence and cycles of oppression
  • Violence and human rights as a community health issue
  • Circles of development-cultural/spiritual development
  • Vision and goal setting
  • Action “Ollin” circles/ community organizing and mobilization