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29 Annual Hombres Retiro Announcement – 2nd Session

The National Compadres Network announces the 29th Annual Hombres Retiro at Mission San Antonio de Padua, in Jolon CA

It is with great pleasure that the National Compadres Network announces the 29th Annual Círculo de Hombres Retiro which will be held at Mission San Antonio de Padua in Jolon, California.  

In November of 1988, a group of Chicano, Latino, & Native hombres gathered for three days in Jolon, California in a Círculo de Amistad y Hermanidad. Through discussion, laughter, ceremony and reflection, a very enriching exchange of words, feelings and spiritual energy were exchanged. Their energy was focused on the issues men face that affect them, their familias, and community.

The men that gathered at the first retiro did so to rekindle the tradition of gathering in an honorable way and in doing so have reignited the fire that warmed thousands of men during retiros over the past 29 years. As a result of that first gathering, countless local Círculos have taken place across the country.

The National Compadres Network was born from the energy of that first retiro and today serves communities throughout the country by illuminating the cultural healing traditions that are often overlooked or disregarded. It is through the teaching of our ancestors and these Círculos that we conduct our work. In the spirit of that first retiro and Círculo tradition we invite you to the 29th Annual Hombres Retiro.

In the tradition of the Círculo and because we value our work in retiro, this will be an alcohol and drug-free gathering.  We hope to see you there to continue the work of being the hombres that make our familias and community proud.

The details for the three retreats:

July 21-23, 2017  (4:00 pm arrival time July 21st- depart 2pm July 23rd)


August 4-6, 2017 (4:00 pm arrival time August 4th – depart 2pm August 6th)

August 11th -13th, 2017   (4:00 pm arrival time Aug.11th – depart 2pm Aug. 13th)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current Retreat Center construction, all retreats weekend will be limited to only 30 people max. All construction is scheduled to be compleeted by 2018.

The National Compadres Network is dedicated to the positive involvement of males in the lives of their families, community and society.

Con Respeto,

Jerry Tello & Hector Sanchez-Flores

National Compadres Network


NCN welcomes any relative that comes in a good way, so anyone having difficulty making the payment in full, please contact Mario Ozuna-Sanchez at to make arrangements for a payment process.

Full refunds will only be offered if registrations are canceled 1 week before chosen retiro, no exception. NCN is required to provide the Mission of San Padua Jolon an accurate account of attendees, one week before each retiro. Once count is provide NCN is obligated to pay for the slots requested.

NCN has continued to build the work of honoring the belief that all people are sacred, by focusing on the affirmation and inclusion of members of our community who identify as being “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Transgender, Two Spirit (LGBTQ2S)”. We invite all our relations to the circulo as their full sacred self, however they identify  and chose to express that identity.

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